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David and Evelyn joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1999 and have served in the Philippines, Chad and Belgium before returning to Scotland in 2011.


Over the years, David has worked in IT and in training. He now uses his experience to train and assist others in the effective use of Language Technology software. This software facilitates the creation of dictionaries, literacy materials as well as the translation of the Bible. David regularly teaches on postgraduate courses at Redcliffe College in Gloucester.

Evelyn has worked as a training centre manager, a literacy and mother tongue education specialist and as an English to French translator. She is now the Member Care Assistant for Scotland and part of the Personnel Department. Evelyn visits current and retired Wycliffe members and keeps in touch with members abroad. She promotes fellowship among members for mutual encouragement.

Interview at St Mungo's church.

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Photo of hill ranges fainter with distance.

Linguistic patterns on many levels.

Languages contain patterns on many levels. There are patterns in the sounds we make, and in those we hear, patterns in the words we use and more patterns in the sentences we use. There are also patterns in the essays, stories, and books we write. Linguistics is all about discovering and understanding how all these patterns work together.