Thoughts about the greatness of God, prompted by a Hoverfly!

Aberdeen Seascape
Aberdeen Seascape

Yesterday I sat on a hill near Tory Battery looking out across Aberdeen’s harbour. I’d heard that it was a good place to see dolphins and porpoise from the shore. As I sat there a hoverfly landed on my hand, there had been many of them flying around, perhaps because of the warm summer weather. I knew it wasn’t a wasp and couldn’t sting me so I let it rest there a while. I considered how little it could understand about me. I imagine that it couldn’t have much concept of large animals and even less of the complexities of human thought and society. I also thought about the similarites we share. We’re both complex organisms and we’re both created by God.

I wondered how little I can know of God. God created the universe, He understands everything about it from the vast distances between stars and galaxies down to the quantum physics of elementary particles. He knows all the physiology of every living thing and all the complexities of every relationship however convoluted. He knows it all. Perhaps my understanding of God is no greater than the hoverfly’s understanding of me!

There are differences; Firstly, God made me in His image. I may have a constant temptation to over-emphasize this, which could lead me to make God in my image and imagine that God isn’t all that different from me.

Secondly, God sent His Son Jesus to us so that we could understand who He is and what He is like. There’s nothing I can do to communicate what I am like to a hoverfly.

Lastly and most importantly, through Christ I can have a relationship with God. I can know His care and love for me. On balance it’s fair to say that I can understand God in a more meaningful way than a hoverfly can understand me.

Here are a couple of personal recommendations for android apps that I’ve used to learn more about various topics:
Quantum mechanics.
The universe.

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