What attracted you to Bible translation in the first place?

David replies:

When I first learnt about Wycliffe I was struck by the fact Bible Translation deals with two things that are eternal: People and the Word of God. Working with a community to enable them to translate the Bible into their heart language changes their culture for the better in a way that nothing else even comes close to matching. The church should do church planting and evangelism and seek to eradicate poverty. But a church without a Bible is like a tree without roots; it isn’t going to last very long. The Word of God in the heart language speaks the Kingdom of God right into people’s hearts, and into the heart of the people. It not only shows the darkness that exists for the evil that it is, it shows a better alternative and provides clear teaching for how to live to honour God and others. Slowly but surely that has an impact on the society that lasts many generations.

I said earlier that I love efficiency, and though Bible translation is slow, it’s actually the most efficient and durable way to change cultures for the better.

Making a Bible available to thousands of people who’ve never had it before will have a positive impact that will last much longer than my lifetime.